Baltic Shale Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością is an independent company, whose activity is focused on exploration and extraction of crude oil from Lower Paleozoic shale rock formations located in the onshore part of the Baltic Sea. Baltic Shale is a 100% subsidiary of Northam. Our experience and operational competence were reflected in the decision of the Minister of the Environment in November 2016, when they positively assessed the Company in the qualification procedure, aimed at evaluating the Company's ability to take part in exploration, prospecting and extraction of hydrocarbons from deposits, and included Baltic Shale in the list of qualified entities.

Register of qualified entities

The Company is currently operating in 2 Concessions areas in the Peri-Baltic Syneclise, where we build successive, balanced investment projects on the basis of detailed geological and geophysical surveys. Our operational activities are based on advanced analysis, research, cost optimization and involvement of a qualified team. We are experienced in cooperation with public administration authorities at the governmental, regional and industry level. The specialist experience gained during the performance of geological works in northern Poland, including geological and geophysical surveys, exploration wells, developing procedures and responding quickly to varying factors, make us a reliable partner.