Baltic Shale Sp. z o.o. has 4 Concessions located in the northern Poland.
Cedry Wielkie, Stegna, Żarnowiec and Wejherowo licensed areas cover 3340 km2

Cedry Wielkie

Cedry Wielkie Concession is located within the communes of Pruszcz Gdański, Kolbudy Górne, Cedry Wielkie, Suchy Dąb, Pszczółki, Trąbki Wielkie, Tczew, Stegna, Ostaszewo and Lichnowy, in the cities and communes of Skarszewy, Nowy Dwór Gdański and Nowy Staw, and within the cities of Gdańsk and Pruszcz Gdański in the Pomorskie Province. It covers concession blocks Nos. 50 and 70, and its surface area amounts to 809 km2.

2009  -2010

In the Cedry Wielkie licensed area, 3D seismic surveys were carried out in an area of approx. 51 km2. Based on the data obtained, the location of Łęgowo LE-1 exploratory borehole was determined.


Łęgowo LE-1 borehole was drilled to a depth of 3400 m. During the drilling operations, core samples were taken and a test was performed on the borehole vertical section.

2011 - 2012

Laboratory tests and analyses were carried out on the coring material extracted.


It was decided to completely remove the Łęgowo LE-1 borehole. This resulted in reclamation and restoration of the area to its original condition, after which it was returned to its owner.


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Cedry Wielkie Concession Map