The provision of comprehensive and highly specialized services relating to the exploration, prospecting and extraction of hydrocarbon deposits is the primary objective of the establishment and operation of Northam Sp. z o.o.

Northam has unique experience in the organization, coordination and execution of investment projects in the power sector.

The services offered by the Company include, among others:

  • Negotiation, development and preparation for approval of geological survey plans, safety documents and environmental analyses;
  • Obtaining permits, approvals and administrative decisions at the level of government and local-government administration,
  • Dialog with local authorities and residents in order to create a favorable environment for each stage of exploration activities and maximize the satisfaction of all parties to the investment process,
  • Coordination of all services, companies and other entities involved in the construction of yards and social services of wells, specialist mining rescue services, and drilling engineering;
  • Preparation and execution of the process of well abandonment and reclamation of mining areas.

The motto of the Northam team is to manage and advise for the maximum satisfaction of all parties and to minimize costs, while respecting the law, the principles of art and the protection of people, capital and the environment. The Company has a dedicated team of managers, with many years of experience in both Poland and abroad, in projects in the power, geology, mining, logistics and management industries. The team members have participated in or managed exploration well projects in Poland, which not only achieved the determined geological objective, but also were among the cheapest projects of this type.